Doggie Indulgence

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For obvious reasons, we have a rule in our house about pets being fed table scraps or sharing our snacks with them. But of course, rules are made to be broken, and there is one exception – ice cream.

Allan indulges in a late night bowl of ice cream once or twice a week. He loves ice cream, and he has taught all of our dogs to love it, too. Casey, Nisha, and now Cyrus all learned to wait patiently to lick the bowl when Allan (or anybody else eating ice cream) was finished. An extra special treat was and is getting to lick the remnants of an emptied carton. Now, you just have to say the word “ice cream” and Cyrus’s ears perk up. But somehow he understands that ice cream is an exception to the rule because he never begs or waits in anticipation for any other food. In an effort to make sure Cyrus stays healthy, I started making doggie ice cream – yogurt, banana, peanut butter blended together and poured into small Dixie cups, then frozen. Cyrus enjoys these treats when it’s an ice cream night (although he still gets to lick the bowl).

The other night Allan and I decided a Dairy Queen treat was in order. Allan and Cyrus made the run, and when they returned, I was surprised to see that there were three items in the bag. Yes, Cyrus got his own small cup of vanilla soft serve! Call it what you will – an indulgence, spoiling, being well-loved – Cyrus is one lucky dog!

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5 Responses to Doggie Indulgence

  1. arjeha says:

    Rose, this made me smile. Our cats also love licking ice cream bowls. I guess they haven’t read the book on not eating “people fools.

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  2. Who doesn’t love ice cream? We took our dog, Ginger, for ice cream for her birthday once. They had doggie servings! She loved it!!!

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  3. blkdrama says:

    Ahhh this sounds like it was written about my family- my mom and any pets in her home… she had to have ice cream every night and her dog at the time was always a winner. You too!!!

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  4. Nicolette A James says:

    My dog, Karnak, loves ice cream. He’s a little older now so when he walks he is very cautious, but he will break into a sprint for ice cream. I stopped the ice cream truck today for a vanilla cone and I thought he was going to do backflips! I am going to try your recipe. It will be better him (it might be better for me too:)


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