Always a Teacher

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The beginning of the school year has a certain feel linked to many memories – new shoes that still feel a little stiff, carefully chosen lunch bags (Hello Kitty for her, plain brown for him, Vera for me), and anxious anticipation. I’ve been through dozens of first weeks of school as a child, a teacher, and a mother. Invariably there were sleepless nights leading up to those beginnings filled with concerns and questions.

Yesterday was the first day back for the teachers in the school district where I spent my last years of teaching, and I found my thoughts wandering to them all day. What were they doing? Hearing about? How were the classroom setups going? Did the books they ordered arrive in time?

It is no wonder that I’ve had trouble sleeping the past few nights. The rhythms of the school year are a part of me. They are in my bones. They influence my actions just as predictably as the rhythms of nature signal to birds and butterflies that it’s time to start their migration, and magically transform the coats of snowshoe hares from chocolate brown to wintry white.

Always a teacher. It’s in my bones.

I know some of you have been back to school for weeks, but I wish everyone a year filled with success and wondrous experiences.

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10 Responses to Always a Teacher

  1. arjeha says:

    You are so right, Rose. Teaching is in the bones even when you are retired. I still wonder how my former colleagues are doing as they get ready to start this new school year.

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  2. Pat says:

    I agree, now that I have a 12 month job, I sometimes i feel a bit envious because a new year is the opportunity to start fresh with a blank slate.

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  3. elsie says:

    Those outside of education just don’t know how the year really flows. January 1 isn’t the first day of the year. The year begins with a new class. This is a special time of year for educators.

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  4. mbhmaine says:

    Teaching does get in the bones, doesn’t it? I’m excited to head back, to have that fresh start with a new class and this year, a new grade level. I will miss the lazy pace of summer days though…


  5. alr says:

    Yes, it’s just who we are!!! Congratulations on retiring with so many wonderful memories!!


  6. Ramona says:

    It is in the bones, and our hearts will always reach to school as summer winds down. The rhythms of the school year are a part of who we are (even in retirement).

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  7. Alice Nine says:

    So well said: “The rhythms of the school year are a part of me. They are in my bones.” We teachers are always and forever teachers, and our years are recorded in hyphenation, like 2016-17.


  8. Lisa Keeler says:

    Your words are spot on!

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