The Silver Lining

Slice of Life2

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thanks to the co-authors of              Two Writing Teachers for creating this  supportive community.

        I felt it as I stood up and walked downstairs – that fluttering in my chest that almost seemed out-of-control. It wasn’t the first time. I’ve had an occasional heart arrhythmia for years that has never been a major problem and has always righted itself without any action on my part. But this time (and the time before that) seemed a little different. No worries. I was on my way to my doctor’s office for a physical anyway.

Within twenty minutes of entering the examining room, the nurse was finishing up the EKG and my doctor was on her way in. She explained that she was cancelling the physical. “I’m sending you to the ER to get this taken care of,” she explained. I can’t go to the ER. Allan is recuperating from double knee replacement surgery. I have to be there tomorrow to take him to his physical therapy appointment. And I’m meeting some friends for dinner later. And tomorrow is the first day of the Slice of Life Challenge! But I knew those excuses wouldn’t work. As I was leaving she reminded me that sometimes things happen for a reason. My appointment with her had been postponed a week because she had a family emergency. She explained to me that although she would never have wanted her son to suffer the seizure he did (he’s OK, thank God), it did require my appointment to be postponed to the day I was having the fibrillation problem. She went on to tell me that her son hopes to become a doctor, and that she would be sure he knew that today he had a hand in the care of a patient. “If you had come in last week, you probably would have ignored what happened today, and you would not have gotten the treatment you need.” She had found the silver lining in her own difficult situation.

Later that evening I read a post from my niece on Facebook. She had hit a deer. But the post was not about the trauma she had, the damage to the car, or the inconveniences it caused. It was about the kindness of all those who helped her. She, too, had found the silver lining.

My take away from all this? Look for good that may come from the bad. And always, always listen to your body and take care of yourself.

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11 Responses to The Silver Lining

  1. You always have the best titles — I grab me right from the start and I have to read your post (not that I would not have anyway). So glad you are ok– silver linings are so important. I learned that lesson over the past few years caring for my mother. Please take care of yourself – so glad you are ok.


  2. Adrienne says:

    What a wise doctor. I am glad you heeded her advice and that you are OK.

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  3. Rose, how scary for you! I’m glad everything worked out. What a wise doctor you have, and your post shows your wisdom too. So proud to know you.

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  4. caroline524 says:

    Your title caught my attention. I’m glad you’re okay and your doctor was wise with both her counsel and action.

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  5. arjeha says:

    After my experience last year I totally agree with you. Things happen for a reason. Our bodies do tell us what we need if we just listen to them. Glad you are OK.


  6. lynnedorfman says:

    What tension as I read this, but then, concentrating on the silver lining aspect, I could breathe freely. I am glad you got to the doctor – a very sage doctor. So glad you’re okay! Phew! I do know you try to take care of yourself and your family and friends. Love you oodles, Rosie!

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  7. Tara Smith says:

    You and your daughter are okay – and you both saw the silver lining…thank goodness for both!

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  8. ritakenefic says:

    Rose, So glad there was a silver lining. I’m a big believer in them and have lived long enough to know that we have train ourselves to look for them in the trivial or tremendous circumstances of our lives. Stay well!

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  9. Scary! Glad your doctor had you go to ER and get checked out! Listening to your body is so important! Love the Silver Lining focus!

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