FRSH AIR (not a typo)

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I am participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thanks to the co-authors of              Two Writing Teachers for creating this  supportive community.

Yesterday I was stopped at a red light behind a sporty convertible with the top down. Granted, it was a beautifully sunny day without a cloud in the sky, but it also happened to be the coldest day we had experienced in two months. Then I noticed the license plate:


Hmmm… I wondered. Is this an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys the fresh air when he skis or bikes or hikes, or is this just a clever way to explain why he is driving around in a convertible with the top down in 30 degree weather?

PA license plates are created with three letters followed by three numbers. But you can request a personalized plate that contains up to seven letters and/or numbers. It can contain one space or hyphen, but not both. I wondered about this plate while waiting for the next light to change:

JZZ 0505

Was this a random combination, or might it belong to a jazz lover whose birthday is May 5?

Through decals, bumper stickers, and license plates, we can offer a little information to others about ourselves just while driving down the street. We can find out how many kids or pets are in a family, who’s the proud parent of an honor student, what political candidate, sports team, or cause you support. Quite frankly, I have never given a nod or honked to let anyone know I agree with them, and I have certainly not tried to ram into someone whose support I’m in opposition of (although I have thought about it). But maybe knowing a little bit more about each other will help us better try to understand each other.

So what would I want to tell the world through my license plate? How about






What about you?

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11 Responses to FRSH AIR (not a typo)

  1. lynnedorfman says:

    Oh, I love this, Rosie! What fun – Love “to the beach’ and “Dogs rule” but my favorite is “Love to write” – very clever, and all the license plate would fit you perfectly! Still, cannot believe someone was driving around with the top down yesterday – BRRRRRRRRR! It was freezing! I think you show us that topics for writing are truly all around us!

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  2. Ms. Pesta says:

    I too read plates. Not sure what mine would be. I have seen many for tennis, so possibly reading.

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  3. KScheirer says:

    This is great! Very creative.

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  4. dianeandlynne says:

    I love this, Rose. On car trips with my children when they were young, we would play the license plate game–making up plates that represented what we would want people to know about us. Mark once wrote one for his brother–“Adoptd”–caused quite a stir, I can tell you,

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  5. arjeha says:

    I love to read vanity plates when I am driving. Some are quite easy to figure out while others make me scratch my head and wonder, “Huh?” I know that one of Kathy’s friends in quilt guild has LUV2SEW as her plate. Have to think. Don’t know what mine would say.

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  6. msosterman49 says:

    I also have found myself looking at plates. Here is DC we get all sorts that sometimes surprise you… There are the embassy plates, the government plates, the personalized plates, the business plates, but most of all there are the numbered plates that reflect a position in the government. They are the guessing games….I usually can’t figure them out 😦 Thanks for making my day !!! Thank you PA my old home!

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  7. I knew number 3 right away since you introduced me to them — still a favorite by the when. Is it wrong to have one on a Monday night? While slicing? Thanks for the smile today!!



  8. Love your post! Such a fun topic! I often look at people’s license plates. Mine would definitely be luvpugs!

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  9. Your own list at the end really made your post!

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  10. Ramona says:

    Great fun to figure these out. I would have to borrow BK LOVE from you and add PRD GMA.

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