Three Things I Just Don’t Get

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I am participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thanks to the co-authors of              Two Writing Teachers for creating this  supportive community.

Yesterday I read this in Textbook Amy Krause Rosenthal:

I tend to have trouble with ceiling fan strings. Pull it once to stop? Twice?

             In trying to turn it off, I will just speed it up – great, now it is spinning around

             so fast that it’s wobbling almost violently.

I immediately connected! I’m never quite sure what speed the fan is on and if pulling the string will make it go faster or slower. Is there one more slow speed after this? Sometimes I can spend a full five minutes trying to get the ceiling fan speed just right. And there seems to be no learning curve. I start over every time trying to figure it out.

That got me thinking about some other things I just don’t get.

The ice maker in the freezer. Is it on or off? There is a switch inside with a straight line on one end and a circle on the other. The line means ON and the circle means OFF (or is it the other way around?) And should it be in or out for ON? Every time, every time, I have to stop and think, ask Allan, or consult the manual (which really doesn’t help much). As a result we usually have an abundance of ice or none at all.

The light switch in our family room. There is a panel of three switches just inside the sliding doors that lead to our sunroom. One operates the outlet for the table lamp, one controls the ceiling fans (let’s hope they are on the right speed!), and the other is for the outside light. The switches have been there for at least twenty-five years, but I still cannot remember which is which. Allan just laughs every time, shakes his head, and comments, “Someday you’ll learn.”

I’m not so sure about that.



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21 Responses to Three Things I Just Don’t Get

  1. ureadiread says:

    I suppose its important to know that however proficient or expert we may be in some areas, others will elude us. And conversely, for those children in our classrooms who just don’t seem to get something that feels simple to us, there are myriad things they are expert in.

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  2. I love how one writer got you to reflect on little things you don’t get. Your post reminds me of my daughter’s from yesterday, the things she doesn’t get about living in France (which she is doing right now). You are not alone in your wonderings!

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  3. mbhmaine says:

    I smiled throughout your post. I think we can all relate to this feeling–definitely with the ceiling fan at least! In my family we tend to goof verbally. We consistently talk about “going out to put some ice on the driveway” when we mean salt. Every time we say it incorrectly, pause, laugh and then try it again. Thanks for a great slice!

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  4. showgem says:

    I can definitely relate to those minor issues that somehow become major issues. It can be frustrating. especially when someone else in the family doesn’t see any issues with the switches.

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  5. paulabourque says:

    Life is filled with small wonders and wonderings. I love that you are still learning from Amy and sharing her lessons and wonderings with others. Being amused rather than frustrated is a better way to learn, I suppose! Nice post.

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  6. arjeha says:

    Thanks for the smile, Rose. When I can’t remember which way is up for something I just tell myself that I too many more important things to remember than this. This delusion sometimes workd.

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  7. Colin Davitt says:

    I also get stuck at the gas pump sometimes. The picture of how to put the card in never makes sense to me. The one up the street got new pumps and after two attempts the pump shuts off. The person inside has to click some buttons to turn it back on. I have been tempted to drive to another station as the pump stresses me out.

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  8. lindabaie says:

    I hear you about certain things, and wonder why they are so challenging when I do remember lots of numbers and passwords and ? When I moved to this house I found lightswitches everywhere, for a variety of lights, especially in the hallways. I still don’t have them figured out, just as you’ve written. Fun post that we all can smile about, and thank you for making us feel better about it, too.

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  9. The part about the light switch made me laugh. We have lived in our home for 16 years and my husband turns on all the wrong lights before he gets the one he wants. Every time. (I will confess, it happens to me on occasion, too.)

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  10. lynnedorfman says:

    Oh, I can’t believe it! I just received Amy’s book in the mail yesterday and started it this morning. I have the same trouble – and if the door should be pushed, I pull – and vice versa. The funny thing is my confusion with elevators, sometimes pushing the up button to come up to get me, even though I want to go down! Go figure! I laughed and enjoyed this light-hearted post, a good way to begin a Sunday morning!

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  11. dianeandlynne says:

    This is a great post, Rose. I have the same problem with the fan cord AND the light switch. We’ve been in this house for 38 years, so my learning curve is really a learning cliff, and I fell off of it a long, long time ago!

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  12. elsie says:

    Some things are just universally a challenge for many. I can never remember which string is for the fan and which is for the light. Amy had a way to state something and let you just ponder her thoughts and relate it to your life. I will miss that.
    Good luck tomorrow on your pinching and pressing procedure. 🙂

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  13. franmcveigh says:

    Loved this, Rose, as the ceiling fan is always a struggle – and is this for winter setting or summer setting. Do I really want the air moving up? Or down? Seriously, toooooooo many choices!

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  14. aileenhower says:

    Spoken like a true electrician – Mike would say the same thing to me!

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  15. Our ceiling fan light in ur dining room turns on at random times. Sometimes during the night, sometimes while I’m at work. It’s puzzling.

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  16. schmidtkristas says:

    This is so funny…and true. The ceiling fan, the 3 click lamp, the panel of light switches…who knows which is which? It is trial & error…EVERY. TIME.

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  17. I just downloaded that book to listen to this week — it is read by her, so it will be tough to listen to. I have used your poem – 13 Things I Made – several times this week as a scaffold for teachers and students. It has been really powerful and a great way to keep her legacy alive. Thank you for sharing! I won’t even begin to list the things I am unsure about — truly!

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  18. jet197 says:

    Ah, I was laughing out loud! So true! I like the cute way you ended it too.


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