Smile (sort of)

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I am participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thanks to the co-authors of              Two Writing Teachers for creating this  supportive community.

This morning I had my picture taken (sort of). But instead of Smile! Say cheese! it was Put your arm here. Take a deep breath. Hold… … … and release. Just a necessary part of being female and over the age of forty.

I sat in the waiting room with a group of ladies (no one wearing deodorant and all wearing the same pink gowns that open in the front), all there for the same purpose, all hoping for the same outcome. We had much in common, yet we will probably never see each other again. Some were checking email, others filling out questionnaires or casually flipping through a magazine. I looked around a few times and exchanged a smile with some. I felt a camaraderie of sorts, like maybe we should all go out to breakfast when our tests were completed.  Maybe we could exchange book titles, or pictures of our pets or grandchildren. I felt I was part of a sisterhood that should continue, although I didn’t even know their names.

Before long I was called back to the imaging room. The technician introduced herself, went over my information and history, and before long the procedure was underway. In a matter of minutes, it was over.

I am thankful for this lifesaving screening procedure, and celebrate that the ladies in my new-found sisterhood and I were able to take part in it, but I wonder. Given the precarious state of health care right now, will all women continue to have access to screening procedures such as mammograms? What can we do to make sure this right is not taken away and that we can all continue to smile (sort of).

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9 Responses to Smile (sort of)

  1. This is a truly important post! I liked the idea of camaraderie among the women, even though you didn’t know each others’ names. So true.

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  2. lynnedorfman says:

    An important post. Great description, Rosie. I felt like I was in the waiting room with you. It is so hard to think about health care and everything else that may change or completely disappear. It makes me too sad too often to think about the politicians who are presently controlling the destiny of our country and planet!

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  3. lindabaie says:

    A wise post that focuses on our women’s community, Rose. I am grateful for this “picture”, too, and am doing what I can to fight for everyone’s right to have it. Thanks for your important sharing!

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  4. dianeandlynne says:

    Scary times lie ahead. There’s so much to worry about I hardly know which worry to focus on. I feel the same way about being in that waiting room. We are all sisters.

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  5. arjeha says:

    So important and so necessary. No woman should be denied this picture.


  6. elsie says:

    Glad your procedure went quickly and smoothly. I few minutes of uncomfortableness is worth the peace of mind you get.

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  7. Tara Smith says:

    We can call, we can write, we can march…one thing we can’t do is remain quiet. PS. Glad that your procedure went well.

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  8. ritakenefic says:

    Such an important post and such a great example of writing “in the moment”. Love your description and the sense of sisterhood, also love the vital message that we can’t let anyone take the opportunity for tests like this away from us.

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  9. Totally knew what you were talking about immediately and was right in the room with you. I remember one visit, a woman was crying in the waiting room – this was a check to see if growth had returned. It was not a screening. We all immediately bonded and shared in the joy of her “all clear” when she came out. It is difficult to think about the future. I have two teenage boys full of hopes and dreams. I am paying attention to what is going on, but also trying to keep them focused on a future of hope. Beautiful slice Rose.

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