Being in the Moment

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I am participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thanks to the co-authors of              Two Writing Teachers for creating this  supportive community.

One night last week I was driving home from having dinner with some friends. Since I had traveled this road hundreds of times before, I was more or less on auto pilot. All of a sudden I gasped! There was someone in front of me waving two large red cones. Luckily, I saw him in time to stop…but just barely. I could see that nearby there was a car that had driven off the road into a telephone pole, and they were getting ready to tow it out. There was no ambulance or other people standing about, so the accident had probably occurred several hours previously. In a few minutes I was waved through, but I couldn’t help but think what might have happened. My head was filled with the conversations of the evening, the laughter and shared good company. I was not in the moment, and it could have been disastrous.

It is not OK to go through life on auto pilot. It is not OK to check your email in the middle of a conversation with a friend. It is not OK to be thinking about the laundry at home, or the grocery shopping that needs to get done, or the wonderful dinner you just had when someone is asking for your help. It is not OK to ever be anywhere but in the moment.

I thought about that incident all weekend. It reminded me of how precious time is and how we must choose wisely how to spend it. There may not be another chance.

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20 Responses to Being in the Moment

  1. jodimahoney says:

    Good reminder to be IN THE MOMENT.

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  2. Donna Smith says:

    I’m so glad all ended up well.

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  3. Ms. Pesta says:

    I have had so many drives home when I can’t recall passing one particular sight or I just was on auto-pilot as you stated. We just have too many thoughts in our head or we just blank out. They are scary times. Luckily you came to at the right time.

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  4. dianeandlynne says:

    This slice really hit home with me. I’m too often on autopilot, especially driving a familiar route. Maybe I need a good scare, but I think your words might be enough.

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  5. The message of this post is so important, Rose. We have to live life in the present, not on autopilot. One of my pet peeves are people who use their phone at mealtimes. When I’m sitting with others, I try never to check my phone unless it’s urgent. I strive to be present in real life.

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    • rosecappelli says:

      What I didn’t put in the post was that earlier that same day Allan and I were having lunch and a couple about our age came in and sat down across from each other. After ordering they both immediately got on their phones. I couldn’t believe it!


  6. elsie says:

    Glad you didn’t have a disastrous outcome! The brain research says that when we do the same thing over and over, we do go to auto pilot, so we need to change things up in order to wake the brain. Something to keep in mind whatever we are doing.

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  7. lynnedorfman says:

    Oh, Rosie! You are right! It is always best to be in the moment! I sometimes am guilty of auto pilot when I drive because I get lost in thought. Once, I drove to the stables on Rte 252 when I was really suppose to be driving to a graduate class at West Chester University that I was taking. Thanks for this post and your words of wisdom. I definitely needed it!

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  8. Lisa L2L4L says:

    Such an important reminder! That auto-pilot mode is dangerous…I am glad you weren’t hurt! Thanks for the post so we can remember to focus and be present.

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  9. KScheirer says:

    This piece makes me think about the times I’m involved with something and my children are asking for my attention. I will be more in the moment. Thanks!

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  10. Tara Smith says:

    This is advice I need to take to heart, Rose – I tend to go on autopilot, too…NOT a habit to cultivate.

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  11. Leaving in the moment is so important! I am guilty of being in autopilot as well. Thank you for the important reminder. So glad all turned out ok for you!

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  12. Rose, some powerful messages here about being in the moment when driving ,but also in every other aspect of our lives. Zoning out can have serious implications as you document here. Pertinent and timely reminders for all of us.

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  13. I drive so much for our job — I am often on autopilot and there are so many near -misses. I never check my phone – I do take calls from family hands free, but I try to keep it short. Audiobooks are always on, but I think that helps me be in the moment. I also chew gum!! I worry about my 17 year old driver – so many distractions now in the car. Being present today takes work – but it is so important. Glad you are safe!!

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  14. bjdonaldson says:

    One of my goals is to be a better listener, to be in the moment when someone else is talking. Thanks for the reminder and for the slice.

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  15. It is very difficult to be mindful all of the time. The idea is to bring yourself back to the moment as soon as you realize your mind has drifted… Be present, right here, right now, and bring yourself back when you aren’t. Our brains are wired like that. Fortunately, you had someone bring you back to the present, and all ended well.

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  16. arjeha says:

    It is so easy to let the mind wander when following a well known routine. Ho right you are, Rose. It is important to stay aware and be in the moment because all too quickly things can change.

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