A Day Late

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I am participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thanks to the co-authors of              Two Writing Teachers for creating this  supportive community.

Yesterday Was World Poetry Day which totally escaped me until I read Paula Bourque’s slice. In it, Paula shared a video of Billy Collins reading his poem “Aimless Love.” She introduced it by asking her readers to listen “with loving ears and open heart.” I was captivated. I was mesmerized. I watched and listened three times. Billy’s poem is about finding and appreciating the small wonders in life, and it fits in perfectly as we all search for “slices” throughout the day. I had a busy day ahead of me with errands and catching up – the perfect opportunity to fall in love with the small things in life. So, one day late, here is my offering for World Poetry Day. Thank you, Paula and Billy.

My Aimless Love (an inspiration from Billy Collins)

This morning I stepped into the shower

and fell in love with the feel of the hot water

trickling over my head and down my back.


Later I walked outside and fell in love with the changing chirps

of the birds

as winter melts into spring.

Friends are returning.


Today I fell in love with Panera’s garden chicken wonton bowl –

almost a soup, not quite a salad,

a delicious mix of colors

and flavors

and textures

delighting my senses.


And in the checkout line at the grocery store

I fell in love with the little girl in the purple boots

who wished me a happy life.



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19 Responses to A Day Late

  1. paulabourque says:

    Oh Rose, how many ways can I fall in love with this post? Yes, I too was inspired by Billy Collins. Waking up to the blessings all around can help us ,fall in love’ in life and with life. This poem will help me pay more attention today. You are a blessing in my life for sure!

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  2. dianeandlynne says:

    The little girl in the purple boots–we should all come across someone like her every day, a reminder of the good in life, the special, the things to fall in love with! Thanks, Rose.

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  3. Ramona says:

    Oh, and I just feel in love with this poem! So much to love – that girl in the purple boots and a new soup I have to try at Panera’s I love the hot water in the shower every day, and thank my lucky stars I was born now instead of centuries ago. Now, I need to visit Paula’s slice to hear Billy’s poem!

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  4. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    A beautiful tribute to those little things in life that we seem to quickly forget. You’ve captured the essence of falling in love with the small things in life. Thanks for sharing, Rose!

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  5. Judy C. says:

    So many things to fall in love with that we often don’t think about and just overlook. Thanks for sharing these small moments of falling in love today with you delightful poem.

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  6. elsie says:

    This is a poem structure to fall in love with and replicate. The clear details create the picture in a readers mind, Love the feel of the water trickling over your body and who wouldn’t love a little girl in purple boots.

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  7. This poem gives us clear and sweet glimpses into your day and reminds us of all there is to love in our own days.

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  8. Tara Smith says:

    I love that you ended with those purple boots!

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  9. bjdonaldson says:

    I enjoyed the way you used a mentor poet to inspire this poem. I especially love the second verse:
    “Later I walked outside and fell in love with the changing chirps

    of the birds

    as winter melts into spring.

    Friends are returning.”

    In a state who’s winter is long and bleak, I too listen for the birds, the harbingers of spring!

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  10. I also wrote about World Poetry Day a day late – today! It is great when we are so inspried by others that a day late doesn’t matter! I love you included common things people can relate to in your poem – a shower, a soup/salad, spring/birds, contrasted with the uncommon – purple boots!

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  11. arjeha says:

    Love the fact that you find something to fall in love with wherever you are. That is celebrating.

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  12. Loved reading this poem, Rose! You reminded us there is something to love in all we do! A hot shower is the best!

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  13. lindabaie says:

    A day late, and still wonderful. Billy Collins delights in every way, and now you’ve taken his mentoring and created your own “aimless love”. I like each part noticed, gives me a peek into your life, and not just the big things! Thank you!

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  14. Aren’t purple boots sassy?!
    Love the piece, Rose…

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  15. I missed it too and unknowingly wrote a poem today –that was lucky. Loved that each stanza was a different sensory image –touch, sound, taste, visual — it really stood out to me. Then you brought it all together with a laugh and message to live wide awake and happy.
    Thank you

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  16. Love, love, love that little girl with the purple boots! The other images were great as well, but that little girl left me with a smile and a secret sharing of a wish for a happy life. Thank you for that!

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