Highs and Lows

When I come home after being away for a few days, there are always tasks (and sometimes few surprises) waiting for me in the garden. Yesterday I spent some time inspecting and weeding. It was work I was glad to get back to, and as always, there were highs and lows among the things I discovered. I was happy to find the balloon flowers and black-eyed susan I planted last year. The peonies are budding profusely, so it won’t be long before they burst into color. I noticed that all of the bird houses are occupied, or at least have nests. Sadly, I didn’t identify any of them as bluebird nests. Hopefully the one in the back belongs to the tree swallows who come every year. The change in my bird population started last summer and will probably continue this summer, so I will just have to remain open to the change.

As I worked, I thought about highs and lows in other life situations. The good news, the bad news. The “been there, done that, never again” balanced with the “been there, done that, I’m ready for another round.” There are highs and lows in everything, but when we are able to find more of the good in something, we stay. It happens to me all the time when I play golf. It’s that one good shot among the many bad ones, the spending time with friends, the enjoyment of being outdoors, that keeps me coming back.

Last weekend I was at the Highlights Foundation for the Eastern PA SCBWI Retreat. It was a wonderful weekend filled with comradery and learning and fun. I can honestly say there were many more highs than lows. In fact, probably the only real low was that I had to leave a little early and missed the last great meal (the food is always fabulous!). That is, of course, unless you count hearing your work in progress read aloud in front of an editor, two agents, and an art director who could pinpoint the strengths and potential problems by hearing only the first 65 words. And even that wasn’t a low, just a little heart-pounding.

This week I hope you have more highs than lows, more good than bad, in everything you do.

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7 Responses to Highs and Lows

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts, Rose. Love that you seek surprises in your garden as well as getting the chores done. My gardens mean a lot to me as well. In the course of one week, I’ve had some really hard to take, heart wrenching, lows to the highs of learning my student’s poetry will again be published this year. I hope you have more highs than lows, too!

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  2. lynnedorfman says:

    I think the bluebirds will return, Rosie. I hope they will. I know how much you love watching them. So exciting – your weekend at Highlights! Many new adventures await you there!

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  3. We all experience those “highs” and “lows.” It helps to keep things in perspective (as you always do, Rose). I enjoy hearing about your garden and your pleasure in tending to it. When one has a happy pastime, it’s a blessing in itself that keeps those “lows” from becoming overwhelming. Thanks for that reminder. Here’s hoping your tree swallows return!

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  4. mlstoneblog says:

    Yes! Agreed, even if it is bringing a more positive attitude to the lows. I also think the arrival of Spring has helped me to see more highs.

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  5. Love how you thought about highs and lows in lots of situations — helpful to put things in perspective. So excited to hear more about your new writing adventure.


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