A Perfect Visit

Slice of Life2

I sat on the end of the couch watching my new grandson, Alex, snuggle on the shoulder of his proud Pappy. A perfect tiny fist curled around Allan’s shirt, as if to say this is something special to hold onto. Occasionally, Alex’s lower lip would move in that special rhythm of sucking. Later…now was cuddle time for dreaming. Soft sounds of contentment mingled with the surrounding conversation. I found it hard to look away from this wonder of love and hope and grace.

Just beyond the couch my son was deep in lunchtime preparations. He chopped, diced, sliced and sautéed. I wondered when he managed to learn what those words even meant, let alone how to perform them. He brought us up to date on his job, his friends, and future plans. In no time at all we were treated to freshly prepared pasta primavera and homemade meatballs.

My daughter and daughter-in-law checked out the nursery and shared ideas about books and new Netflix series.

I joined the conversations and savored my turn with the cuddle-bug. But mostly I sat and watched and listened, taking in the pure joy that comes from spending an afternoon with those you love.

It was the perfect visit.

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4 Responses to A Perfect Visit

  1. elsie says:

    I’ve been in that same situation, cuddling, watching, wondering, marveling. It’s perfect!

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  2. arjeha says:

    Life is good. Thanks for sharing your perfect day, Rose.

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  3. Clare Landrigan says:

    It does sound perfect! I could almost feel Alex in my arms as you described him. How wonderful for you to take a step back and just absorb all your family has become. You seemed to have captured joy in its purest sense. Thank you for sharing and enjoy!!

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  4. Talking is sometimes overrated. Observing can be so much more satisfying, especially when there’s marvelling of new life happening. Enjoy the cuddles. Thanks for the sweet slice!

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