At the Library

Slice of Life2

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thanks to the co-authors of              Two Writing Teachers for creating this  supportive community.

I noticed her scurrying toward the door as I was getting out of my car. She wore pink flowered boots and had a matching umbrella to protect her from the steady rain that was falling. A hot pink ruffle of tulle peeked out below the bottom of her coat. By the time I reached the inside entrance to the library, her mother had helped her remove her raincoat and place it in the corner with her umbrella. I casually commented that I liked her skirt.

“It’s a tutu,” she corrected. “But thank you.”

As I unloaded the bag of picture books that I was returning, I noticed other children gathering in the room opposite the front desk. Story time! I craned my neck, trying to see what book the group would be enjoying. I looked for a sign announcing the title, but came up empty. A hundred thoughts raced through my head.

Could I just sit quietly in the back, maybe?

I didn’t see any other adults entering, but so what? Was there an age limit on Story time?

I like hearing picture books, too!

Just as I was packing the last of the new books I was picking up into my bag, the door to the Story time room closed.

Maybe next time I should wear my tutu.


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5 Responses to At the Library

  1. arjeha says:

    Definitely wear your tutu next time Rose and go for a front row seat. I think story time for adults would be a great idea. Who doesn’t like to be read to?

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  2. Yes, I definitely think they shouldn’t have closed the door, so you could have listened in, tutu or not!

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  3. Who doesn’t enjoy a read aloud?! I agree, you should have been able to listen to the story even without a tu-tu. Such a fun slice!

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  4. Jaana says:

    How about starting a new tradition; story time for grown-ups?

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