Oh, Boy! A Boy Like You: A Review

photo from Amazon.com

I was excited to receive an advance copy this weekend of A Boy Like You by Frank Murphy with illustrations by Kayla Harren. This book is not only beautiful and heartfelt, it is a timely reminder to everyone, especially boys, of what it means to be strong and smart, kind and brave. With carefully chosen words, Frank encourages boys to be curious and to find their place in the world.  He calls attention to the importance of emotional as well as physical strength, of asking questions and knowing when to ask for help, of how to treat others with respect, and of caring for the environment.

This is an important book that speaks to our future generations. As Frank explains in a back matter note: “Each generation’s best future rests with its children. These children can become leaders who honor humanity – leaders with open hearts and minds who accept the uniqueness of individuals, regardless of their differences.”

All readers will find themselves in the beautiful and engaging illustrations that accompany and enhance the text, further encouraging readers to discover what makes them unique.

Just as Frank reminds us to connect with others through story, this story is one not to be missed.

A Boy Like You is published by Sleeping Bear Press and will be available on July 15.

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