The Clock: An Etheree

Several years ago Allan and I purchased a grandfather clock. We had talked about having one in our home for years, but then came the rhythms of growing into a marriage that put the clock into that “someday” category.

Now it proudly stands at the foot of the stairs, welcoming us each morning, wishing us sweet dreams each night. It ticks the seconds, chimes the quarter hours, and bongs the hour. It is a constant in our world, a comfort in a time when many things aren’t.

One of my goals for poetry month was to experiment with some new poetry forms. So on this last Tuesday in April, I’m offering up an Etheree, a ten line non-rhyming form with ascending syllable count, inspired by the clock.

The Clock

goes on
signaled by
the soft chiming,
echoed by the beats
of my life-pumping heart
and the rhythms of my life –
a comfort during sleepless nights,
a guardian of all who dwell here,
a constant at the start and end of day.

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12 Responses to The Clock: An Etheree

  1. arjeha says:

    Kathy and I have often talked about getting a grandfather’s clock but never did. Don’t thing we have the kind of house where it would fit. Love how your clock stands sentry sending you off to bed and greeting you every morning.

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  2. clarejlandrigan says:

    I love this … perfect structure for the sound, rhythm, and meaning of your poem. Thank you for sharing – glad you are well.

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  3. jumpofffindwings says:

    I love learning this new form. Not only is the word choice perfect “echoed by the beats/of my life-pumping heart” but the “guardian” clock, a common desire you and your husband finally realized, standing guardian and greeter is precious.

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  4. Thank you for introducing me to a new format! I can’t wait to try this out!
    I loved reading about your grandfather clock. I loved the description of it as a guardian.

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  5. margaretsmn says:

    I want to try this form. I like how your poem captures that feeling of constant of the clock.

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  6. alwriting says:

    Your poem has added to my knowledge of poetic forms, Rose. I have previously written a poem about my Nana’s Grandfather clock, but your poem has given a new perspective to matters pertaining to clocks. Thanks for the poem and thank you for extending my poetic possibilities

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  7. Tabatha says:

    Very soothing! Thanks, Rose.

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  8. What a beautiful ode to this clock–and it makes a great etheree. Way to go, Rose! I especially like those last three starts: a comfort, a guardian, a constant…

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  9. maryleehahn says:

    I love etherees, and this was, indeed, the perfect form for your topic. We have two chiming clocks, and, like yours, they give our hours and our days a comforting soundtrack.

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  10. Liz Steinglass says:

    This feels like a wonderful topic for an etheree, minutes and hours and years building up as they do, growing as solid as a grandfather clock.

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  11. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes says:

    Beautiful poem, Rose. As comforting to read as it is to imagine your clock’s consistent chiming.

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  12. janicescully says:

    This form seems perfect for clocks, the counting of syllables. What a comfort it must be to you at the bottom of the stairs, seen and heard, dependable. Part of the family.

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