Change of Routine

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In the winter, I pad my way into my office, often before the sun comes up, and start my day with a poem, a reflection, a bit of writing. But now, as summer sneaks up on spring, the sun almost always beats me to rise. I still wake early, but now I share my first cup of coffee with my backyard friends.

            This morning the fog was rising as I filled the feeders. I settled down, warmed my hands with the steaming mug, and waited. First to arrive was a grackle. I admired his iridescent feathers and yellow-ringed eye, but his large body seemed out of place on the feeder. I must admit I was glad when he left, and the bluebirds took his place. Their babies have fledged, but they are still backyard residents and may be starting a new brood. Next to arrive was a woodpecker, followed by a few finches, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, and a jay. The tree swallows don’t visit the feeders, but they said good morning from the roof of their nesting house, content to stay guarding their eggs.

            This season there is a large contingent of wrens in residence. Right now they are occupying two of the houses, and one couple has built a nest on top of the exposed insulation inside the garage. We are learning to share space.

            In a time when each day blends into the next, I’m glad for this change in routine, conversing with friends of the feathered variety.

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11 Responses to Change of Routine

  1. Rose, this is so beautuful. I remember at that lovely dinner in Baltimore, you were telling me how you are writing picture books. As I read this, it felt like I was reading a picture book! I love that phrase at the beginning: as summer sneaks up on spring That is exactly what seems to be happening! I too have a bordfeeder but realize that I need to do some nonfcition reading so I can better describe who is visiting. I love how you call each by name! So glad you shared this writing today and so glad I know you from that dinner, clicked and read your “picture book” today. This also reminds me to go refill my feeder! The birds are quick to empty it now!

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  2. TammyB says:

    My morning run has some birdy friends along the way every day. There are a couple red-winged blackbirds that follow me along the route. They chirp at me until I say something to them! They are a joy!

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  3. dianeandlynne says:

    Rose, I love your visit with friends. We, too, have a feeder outside our kitchen window, but bluebirds are rare here. I rejoice when I spot one. I like your description of the grackle and his iridescent feathers and yellow-ringed eye. Tomorrow morning I’ll think of you when I’m bird watching.

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  4. mbhmaine says:

    Rose, I can so relate to this post, and mine today is about watching a jay at the feeder. There is so much comfort to be found in bird watching! I enjoy many of the same visitors as you do and thrill when each arrives. Early mornings with the birds make for a lovely start to the day! This year I’m so excited that a hermit thrush has been lingering and I have two red-winged blackbirds coming regularly–new to my group, too! Thanks for a second chance to visit with the birds today 🙂

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  5. arjeha says:

    Like you, Rose, I enjoy watching the birds come to the feeder. I don’t usually keep the feeder full during the warm weather, but this year I am just to enjoy the coming and going at the feeder and all of the different sounds. Nothing like nature’s music.

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  6. What a beautiful way to begin your days, Rose. The perfect stay-at-home routine.

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  7. I love this image and your new routine. I am also spending early mornings, post-run, on my deck with coffee. I love taking this time to plan, think, reflect, and pause. I also love them playing in the small water pond we have in the yard. Evenings are also a favorite time for me to find my spot on the deck and enjoy the last rays of sun.

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  8. alwriting says:

    What a rich and rewarding start to your day Rose. As we strive for solitude, the journey may involve a few short steps. Garden delight all round. Thank you for taking me with you.

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  9. A lovely post Rosemary! I, also, have been enjoying time in my yard watching hummingbirds, robins, and even an occasional eagle fly by! It’s the little things that count, isn’t it?

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