Poetry Friday: Morning Walk

I’ve been pouring over Irene Latham’s This Poem Is a Nest for days. Irene started with an original poem, “Nest,” as her source poem, then went on to create 161 nestling poems from the original words. Nestling poems are found poems taken from an existing poem and used to create new poems, or “nestlings.” The words or word parts must be used in the same order as they appear in the original poem. The title does not need to be part of the original.

This is such an incredible book! Irene even provides a Table of Contents and an Index.

Of course I had to give it a go. I used the third section, Autumn, from Irene’s original “Nest” to create my nestling. My morning walk inspired me to think of the possibilities I might find along the trail.

Morning Walk

leaves flood
deer swerve
turtle splashes
clouds still
faith hums

For more poetry fun, head over to Wee Words for Wee Ones where you’ll find today’s Poetry Friday roundup from Bridget Magee.

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13 Responses to Poetry Friday: Morning Walk

  1. I love your Autumn nestling poem, Rose. Irene’s book is magic – inspiring such lovely poetry: “faith hums” – yes!

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  2. Fran Haley says:

    Hi, Rose – your poem speaks to the simple, vital connection we have to nature, and that we are meant to live much closer to it than we do. Powerful –

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  3. kareneastlund4898 says:

    Rose… this post is wonderful and works both as a showcase for your nestling poem ( excellent! now I must try… ) and as an enticement to get Irene’s book. Thanks so much.

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  4. haitiruth says:

    I love “faith hums.” It really does, doesn’t it?
    Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

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  5. Rose, Irene’s book has just landed on my doorstep and I am marvelling at its uniqueness as a poetic spark. A light is shone on the close reading, appreciation and application of a sea of words. You have then done the book and by extension Irene proud by excavating more beauty in your nestling poem.

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  6. cvarsalona says:

    I’m in with your lovely thought, “faith hums”, Rose. Isn’t it amazing how wonderful an experience a nature walk can be?

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  7. What a great explanation you have of this poetry form, And your nestling turned out lovely!

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  8. Sally Murphy says:

    Your poem hums too, Rose. Lovely!

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  9. lindabaie says:

    We have strong winds today, Rose, & the leaves are flooding! I love what you “found” and knitted together in your fall poem. Isn’t ‘faith hums’ so special? Thanks, it is a beautiful book!

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  10. Tabatha says:

    Sounds like a nourishing walk, Rose. Like the other folk, I am moved by “faith hums”…active, musical, alive!

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  11. laurashovan222 says:

    It’s so much fun to find new nestlings — created from Irene’s book — around the Poetry Friday blogs. I can relate to the turtle splashes!

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