Poetry Friday: With Thanks

With Thanks

This week Margaret Simon challenged writers to think about gratitude with the beautiful photo of the magnolia blossom on her blog. Over at the Sharing Our Stories community, gratitude was also the theme of the invitation to write. So I started making a mental list of the things I am most grateful for and appreciate. Even though getting together with family is different now, the family is there. Even though the world feels a bit different now, we are all still connected. Even though we may have to look closer, there is much to appreciate and be thankful for. I let Margaret’s photo guide me as I wrote.

With Thanks

Like a flower bud,
I hold
secrets of the heart.
As each petal unfurls,
let me sing with thanks
for family
for faith
for hope
for peace.

Today’s Poetry Friday Roundup is with Suzy Brisson at The Poetry Garden.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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