One Little Word for 2021

I’ve been choosing a OLW since 2014. Sometimes they really stick and have meaning, sometimes I need to think hard about halfway through the year to remember my OLW. Last year I chose ASTONISH. It was a way for me to put into practice the advice that Mary Oliver gives about living a life:

Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

My goal was to record something every day that I noticed, appreciated, contemplated, or astonished me. It was a way to reflect on the life I was living. By February the practice was almost abandoned, until I figured out that while there were many things that surprised and astonished me on a daily basis, I didn’t have a good way of recording them. It wasn’t part of my routine. That is, until I started using a simple word document I called Daily Snippets and made it a daily bullet task. As with any new routine or habit, it took a few weeks to really stick, but recording a thought, observation, or daily (mostly) surprise has become a practice.

Today I read through all my snippets. Many were about nature (the magic of raindrops, the whisper of snow, viewing crocuses and daffodils as nature’s hugs), some were short poems or thoughts about hope (inspired by the pandemic), others were observations about color (the gray of a winter’s day, leaves of gold and crimson, the beauty of a red cardinal). They were little things that helped me appreciate the world at a time when appreciation was so needed. I plan to continue this practice into 2021 as I incorporate my new OLW – TRUST. The word came to me as I was reflecting on my writing successes and disappointments for 2020. When I looked up its meaning I discovered that confidence, hope, and belief are all a part of what it means to trust. Since I need to develop more confidence in some areas of my life (yes, even as a septuagenarian), and hope and belief are so important to maintain as we move into 2021, I think trust will be a good word to live by. I will look to establish trust in my personal actions and decisions, reflect on how I demonstrate trust, and be on the lookout for new ways to maintain and spread trust.

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy 2021. While there may be times of darkness, the light will surely follow. Trust me.

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8 Responses to One Little Word for 2021

  1. Julie says:

    Great OLWs, and I love how you decided to record your observations! I have a One Line a Day Journal, and I’m thinking of using it this year with more focus on my word, as you describe. Thanks for the idea!

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  2. Nanc says:

    I love the snippet idea and will maybe try it in 2021! Feels good to type it. Happy New Year. XO Now I’m going to lookup septuagenarian. I have my guesses!

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  3. Terje says:

    Little snippets all together make a big list. I enjoyed reading how you used your word this year. May TRUST work its magic in 2021!

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  4. Fran Haley says:

    Rose, “trust”’is a good word to live by, with so many implications. I hope you’ll have a happy, trust-filled New Year.

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  5. Ruth Ayres says:

    It is truly an “astonish”ing practice you describe here. Mary Oliver would be impressed, I’m sure. TRUST is a big word and I look forward to hearing how it unfolds in your life.

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  6. majfoil says:

    The title of your blog is fantabulous!!! And your words … spectacular.

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