Waking to Words

This morning I’m writing in response to an open invitation on Sharing Our Stories: Take Space for Writing.

There are many physical spaces where I write. Most often it is at the desk in my office with my notebook and pen, a lined notepad and pencil, or my laptop. But this morning I found myself thinking more about my inner space.

Lately I’ve been waking to words. I find myself listening to ideas, phrases, snatches of poetry or prose in that magical space between sleeping and stirring. Most often it has to do with a story I’m working on, but sometimes it’s something completely different. This “writing in my head” is not new to me, nor does it only happen as I wake. I compose beginnings, endings, stories, poems as I walk or cook or fold laundry. I believe it’s the act of performing a routine task that opens my mind to ideas. The problem, of course, is remembering. That’s why there is a small notebook or two in my purse or stashed in a kitchen drawer. “Notes” is one of my favorite phone apps.

Quiet is what defines my inner writing space. It might be interrupted by the wren who greets the day, the gentle snoring of my dog by my side, the plop of the newspaper on the driveway, or the song of the wind chimes. But it is a peaceful, calm, inner space that fuels my writing.

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11 Responses to Waking to Words

  1. Carol Doeringer says:

    I love your thoughts on quiet time and how routine seems to free the mind to wander. “Notes’ is one of my favorite phone apps, too. There’s no way to predict where and when a story idea will come to mind, and that tool is always at hand when I’m away from the house. I’ve thought about using the dictation function. But what would the other people in the grocery store check-out line think?

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    • rosecappelli says:

      Thanks, Carol. Talking in the checkout line couldn’t be any worse than those who carry on conversations on bluetooth. I’ve said “excuse me, what was that?” more than once to people I thought were talking to me!


  2. I found myself drifting along and visualizing all your writing spaces. It was a pleasant journey. These are the words that struck me, “ that magical space between sleeping and stirring” . The notion which those words evoked are what I will carry away.

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  3. Nanc says:

    Ahh, you have such a way with words Rose! ” magical space between sleeping and stirring”. I love this bit of lingering in this space also. xo

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  4. elsie says:

    Often, it seems that when I am in the physical space, no words come. When I am walking I have all sorts of beginnings and ideas. Of course they don’t sound so great once I am back to where I could record it. I need to use the notes app more. Happy writing!

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  5. margaretsmn says:

    The necessary quiet to find space for writing is hard to find. I love that even folding laundry can give you the space you need.

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  6. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Inner space…writing in my head. I do this quite often, but I have not yet conquered the habit of writing it down. Wishing you peaceful, calm writing time.

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  7. Terje says:

    “Quiet is what defines my inner writing space.” emerges here and there, and I whole-heatedly agree.

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  8. Julie says:

    That mental space is so very important!

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  9. Loralee says:

    Inner space.
    The place where you tuck your notebooks.
    The quiet.

    Beautiful post.

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