SOS: Catching Up

Today I’m writing a response to the invitation on Sharing Our Stories: Capture a Slice of Life.

I have a friend who isn’t able to drive long distances due to some vision issues. At one time, she was more than just a friend, she was a member of my extended family. But divorce has a way of distancing friends, and although we continue to see each other at family celebrations (pre-Covid), I had not spent a lot of time with her in, well, a very long time. But when I learned that she did not have a ride to receive her second vaccine shot at a pharmacy 80 miles away, I volunteered to drive her.

The round trip ride took three hours, and we never ran out of things to talk about – children, grandchildren, the state of the world, books, music, retirement. I had not been to her house in, well, a very long time, but today I got to meet her new kittens, Will and Grace, and see the addition she added.

Maybe there are a few silver linings in this mess of a pandemic. It was a very good day, indeed.

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5 Responses to SOS: Catching Up

  1. elsie says:

    Connecting again does make for a very good day. I love that the kittens are Will and Grace, too funny. Bless you for being the one to take her for her vaccine.

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  2. Nanc says:

    So glad you took up the driving challenge; the connecting challenge. Divorce does seem to do this, it has in my life as well. I’m so glad you caught up and got to meet the kitties! XO

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  3. Trina says:

    What a gift that you were able to take her to her vaccine. It sounds like a lovely conversation you had!

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  4. Julie says:

    We need this kind of good day–so glad you got it!

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  5. Loralee says:

    What a gift! What a blessing!

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