Poetry Friday: Goodbye/Hello

Often, as I sit with my morning coffee, I am entertained by a lively scene across the street. The little girl (not so little anymore) waits for the school bus, almost always accompanied by her mother. Over the years the scene has changed some. For a long time there were two girls, but one has left for college. A few years ago they were joined by a furry friend, and more recently, by another furry friend. But one thing remains the same – whether the bus is coming or going, there is always someone there to say goodbye or hello. My poem for today focuses on the two furry friends.


They prance and hop
to the top of the drive,
leashes tangled
in a jangle of excitement.

A yip-yap tiny fuss
when here it comes!
The bus
interrupts their play,
takes her away
until once again—

they prance and hop
to the top of the drive,
welcoming her home.

2022 Rose Cappelli

Irene has the poetry roundup today at Live Your Poem, so head on over there for lots of poetry goodness.

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18 Responses to Poetry Friday: Goodbye/Hello

  1. Dear Rose, there’s so much wisdom in these words: “whether the bus is coming or going, there is always someone there to say goodbye or hello.” Thank you, and your poem is lovely!

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  2. Carol Doeringer says:

    So much love in this poem!

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  3. Girls and dogs and tangled, jangled leashes; this makes me smile! Thank you for a peek into your morning coffee time 🙂

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  4. tee+d says:

    There’s such a poignancy and affection in this – lovely.

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  5. margaretsmn says:

    I love this scene and how you captured it in a poem. When I was a child I waited for the bus. I remember fondly and not so fondly the goodbye and hello.

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  6. cvarsalona says:

    Rose, this poem is so delightful. I love the word play, “tangled, jangled leashes” and the sound words used to create a high energy poem for children.

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  7. Rose, your poem stands as testimony to the value of patient, considered observation. Well captured and presented. You took your readers into this moment in time with much clarity.

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  8. Such a sweet and lively poem–and it really resonates with that need we all have to have people or animals we love sending us off and welcoming us home. Beautiful!

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  9. maryleehahn says:

    I was right there with you, watching the drama of the school bus as it gobbles up Girl and returns her to her Animals.

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  10. Bridget Magee says:

    Yay for furry friends and the “yip-yap tiny fuss” they make when we come and go. Love this. 🙂

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  11. Elisabeth says:

    The language here is so fun – full of energy just like the dogs! And I love the use of repetition – very effective.

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  12. Linda M. says:

    I love the truth of this! If you follow Danielle @daniellejoseph1 She has photos that absolutely illustrate the joy of your poem. Wonderful image.

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  13. There is such joy in the movement you captured here. Beautiful. 🙂

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