Poetry Friday: The Dress

Let me begin by expressing my outrage and sorrow at the recent events in Uvalde, TX. My thoughts, prayers, and tears are with the families in that community and teachers everywhere. May you find the strength to carry on.

Tomorrow is my 45th wedding anniversary. This week I unboxed the wedding dress I wore that day, the one I created and embroidered. I examined the stitching, wondering how I managed that accomplishment, while acknowledging that I must have always had a creative side, just expressed it differently. While once I created with sewing and handwork, now I create with words.

Yesterday I met with a friend who will use pieces of the dress to make a table runner for my daughter. Appropriately, it will lay atop the table my husband made for her when she bought her house.

The Dress

I finger the silky fabric,
a young girl
with daisies in her hair
waltzing in the dress she designed,
the dress
billowing in the breeze,
then tucked away.

Tucked away but never completely forgotten
through a life she designed,
with love and learning,
joys and sorrows.

I finger the silky fabric one last time
before the dress is just a memory—
but never completely forgotten.
Draft, 2022Rose Cappelli

Linda has the round up today at A Word Edgewise with a beautiful tribute to students and teachers. Please visit to find lots of poetry goodness.

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12 Responses to Poetry Friday: The Dress

  1. Linda Mitchell says:

    OH, look at you! A girl with daisies in her hair full of smiles for a future. Just gorgeous. And, what a beautiful way to keep your dress in your family. I have my dress all boxed up too. Neither of my girls are likely to wear it. I like the idea of making it part of life beyond being a dress. Thanks for the inspiration…and your prayers are much appreciated. I admit to needing them.

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  2. Happy 45 years! I love repurposing garments–they way fabric can live multiple lives. What a gift and treasure for your daughter! Thank you for your poem.

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  3. Rose, I love the idea of a life stitched and embroidered with love and learning! Beautiful poem.

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  4. Rose, this is a beautiful poem. I love the imagery in the last stanza especially– perhaps it strikes a chord with me today because memories are on my mind as well. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. katswhiskers says:

    Look at you! Lovely pic and dress. I have my wedding dress boxed up, too. Though I didn’t make it, I loved it! Still do… But I’ve no daughters who might one day want to wear it… (Funnily enough, I have a pic of it on my blog today, too. But not a clear photo. The addition of two pigs kind of dictated proceedings, and a good pic is not to be found with them!) Enjoy the memories that the dress sparks. And creating new ones in its future home.

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  6. It delights me to hear of your handmade wedding dress that will continue to live on in a new form.
    And I love seeing bride/wedding photos. You were clearly a 70s-flowers-in-your-hair-bride; I was big-hair-and-a-hat-80s bride, and I love to laugh at the innocence and joy of those times! Beautiful poem to mark this memory, Rose!

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  7. maryleehahn says:

    Happy Anniversary and THANK YOU for the inspiration! I have been so reluctant to part with my mom’s wedding dress (and veil, and garter, and…) but now you have given me the path for it’s rebirth!

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  8. heidimordhorst says:

    What a lovely photo! Happy Anniversary, Rose, and how wonderful that your dress will have its new life in your daughter’s house.

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  9. Bridget Magee says:

    *swoon*! Your wedding photo, your poem, and your inspiring upcycling of all that is meaningful. Happy Anniversary, Rose (and your hubby! 🙂 )

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