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Authors Are My Rock Stars

The Highlights Foundation, nestled in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains, is a special place where writers and illustrators of all shapes and sizes and experience levels come together to learn, share, and be inspired. When you turn into the driveway and make … Continue reading

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I entered the darkened studio with some hesitancy. Although I had practiced Yoga before, this was a new place, and I had concerns. Where should I place my mat? If I put it here in the back is that someone’s … Continue reading

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Miss or Ma’am?

The other day while checking out at the grocery store, the young cashier (probably somewhere in the vicinity of 16) kept addressing me as “miss” in a steady barrage of questions. Do you want your gallon in a bag, miss? … Continue reading

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Yes! We Did It!

The email came yesterday in the early afternoon. I was at my computer catching up on a few things when I saw the alert: ILA Distinguished Award Notification. Yes! We did it! I’ve been part of the Keystone State Reading … Continue reading

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High Fidelity

    For riding in the car, I’ve almost always been a music person. Most of the time my choice is classic rock, but I’ve also listened to my share of kid songs, morning DJs, classical CDs, movie and show … Continue reading

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Highs and Lows

When I come home after being away for a few days, there are always tasks (and sometimes few surprises) waiting for me in the garden. Yesterday I spent some time inspecting and weeding. It was work I was glad to … Continue reading

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In the Card Store

I’ve been trying to read (and write) more poetry during April. Mostly I’ve been concentrating on my go-to Mary Oliver whose eloquent words I carry around in my head and heart all day. But I’ve also been reading a lot … Continue reading

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