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Poetry Friday: The First of April

Happy Poetry Month! Because it’s April, I’m challenging myself to write a poem every day this month. I thought about trying to find a theme, or a direction, but in the end I just decided to let my writing go … Continue reading

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Poetry Friday: Moonbeam

One morning a few weeks ago, I was scrolling through the New York Times headlines on my phone and came across an article titled “The Moon Has a Comet-Like Tail” by Robin George Andrews. With words like “beam” and “magical” … Continue reading

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Poetry Friday: Is It Spring Yet?

Happy Poetry Friday! I woke to the sound of birds, happy it was Friday (although most days blend into each other), but disappointed because I didn’t think I had anything to share for Poetry Friday. I wrote a few short … Continue reading

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Poetry Friday: Before and After the Storm

I love the anticipation of a snowstorm almost as much as the storm itself. Afterwards, the world offers much to think about – neighborly kindnesses, objects that take on a different appearance, animal tracks to puzzle over. I keep those … Continue reading

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Poetry Friday: A Nestling from “The Hill We Climb”

Earlier this week I noticed that a lot of my daily snippets centered around light – morning light, candle light, feelings connected to light. I started to gather those thoughts into a poem, but it wasn’t working as well as … Continue reading

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