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Bidding Farewell

The picture said it all. Instead of standing guard as she had for almost 200 years, the massive yellow cucumber magnolia lay stretched across the lawn near the Peirce Dupont House in Longwood Gardens. Tearful arborists gathered to say goodbye, … Continue reading

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The Clock: An Etheree

Several years ago Allan and I purchased a grandfather clock. We had talked about having one in our home for years, but then came the rhythms of growing into a marriage that put the clock into that “someday” category. Now … Continue reading

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Happy to be back today. Like with many of you, the past few weeks have brought sleepless nights, alternating periods of sadness and joy, and many adjustments as we’ve learned how to do things differently. Last week my daughter stopped … Continue reading

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Good Morning

Before: I walk sleepily to my office. The sun is just beginning to peek through the trees. The cardinal calls good-morning from his perch near the feeder. I linger over a Mary Oliver poem, and I am ready to start … Continue reading

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Antics at the Feeder

My OLW for 2020 is Astonish. Since I’m a big fan of Mary Oliver, it fits. I want to discover the moments, objects, feelings, and connections that astonish me and tell about them. I was inspired by a fellow slicer … Continue reading

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