Antics at the Feeder

My OLW for 2020 is Astonish. Since I’m a big fan of Mary Oliver, it fits. I want to discover the moments, objects, feelings, and connections that astonish me and tell about them.

I was inspired by a fellow slicer to write something that astonished me today in the form of an acrostic (thanks, Terje).

A fresh supply of

Seed for my feathered friends.

The squirrel topples the roof

Off the feeder, but still the

Nuthatch perseveres.

Inside I watch the antics as

Seed scatters to the ground.

Hungry critters feast.

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5 Responses to Antics at the Feeder

  1. arjeha says:

    Great word, Rose. There is so much to “astonish” us each day…sometimes something big and sometimes something small. I am sure that you will find many things throughout the year to write about.

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  2. Lovely poem, and may the new year astonish you in many wonderful ways.

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  3. glenda funk says:

    I love the idea of an acrostic for the OLW. I’m going to try that in my notebook. Your poem is in harmony w/ Mary Oliver.

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  4. Your poem is a beautiful use of a great word! I loved picturing the scene you described.

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