Poetry Friday: Autumn Surprises

One final rose from the garden

The air turned a bit cool here at the beginning of the week, a sure sign that fall is on the way. I love the change in seasons, especially summer to fall when nature gives us so many surprises. This week I put together a few observations. They are random, not connected in any way, except that they made me stop and take notice.

the morning glory
on a discarded vine
searches for the sun
in a pile of compost

turn over a pot
with fading summer blooms
to find the hiding spot
of a fat, juicy, worm
or two.

tears of farewell
form as dew drops
on the last rose of summer

a leaf
lets go
and gently floats
to the world below

Wondering what Poetry Friday is? Check it out here. Jama has the round up today at Jama’s Alphabet Soup. Be sure to head over there for art and words that celebrate October. You might also be introduced to a new poet like I was.

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13 Responses to Poetry Friday: Autumn Surprises

  1. Denise Krebs says:

    Rose, what nice observations. I love that you are paying attention to the details of the season change. I can see these changes through your words. Today I can especially appreciate the tenacity of that morning glory vine.

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  2. jama says:

    Lovely observations, Rose. And pink roses are my favorite, so thanks for sharing that photo!!

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  3. Janet F. says:

    Ah Rose,
    That gorgeous pink rose and your poem are as beautiful as you! Though I would love to see roses all year long! I love the big fat worm (or two) hiding under the pot of summer flowers. My sunpatiens did incredibly well this summer. Still blooming and I love it. I have two pumpkins out but I am basking in the memory of summer as long as I can. We are in the snow belt up by Syracuse and so our winters are pretty tough. I like the concrete style of your floating leaf poem and the tenacity of that morning glory (and fyi I just saw that Denise used that word in her comment! Isn’t Bridget’s book wonderful?

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  4. These are beautiful observations, Rose! I especially love the first one. It’s amazing how much weight a simple observation can have when the words are chosen with care…very haiku-y :>)

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  5. lindabaie says:

    Among all the flowers, I see the rose hanging on, too, Rose. These snapshots of your noticing are wonderful to read. The worms aren’t burrowing so deeply yet!


  6. Linda KulpTrout says:

    Rose, I love all of these, but especially
    the morning glory
    on a discarded vine
    searches for the sun

    Fall is my favorite season so the imagery feels perfect to me!

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  7. Rose, I enjoyed reading your autumnal observations. As poets it is often in observance of things that we experience our most acute moments. The slow fade and the inevitable descent of leaves are well captured in your gentle words.

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  8. Elisabeth says:

    These are beautiful Rose! I feel like I’ve spent some time out in nature, as I’ve read through them. Fall is a paring down in nature, and these pared down poems suit the season perfectly.

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  9. maryleehahn says:

    Your rose reminds me of several plants I’ve seen that are blooming out of season — iris! and lilacs! Are they reminding us that they’ll be back? Saying goodbye because it’s so hard to just leave?

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